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Chernobyl tour

Chernobyl tour

Chernobyl tour – enthralling one day tour, crouds of people is willing to go there. If you look back in the history, it`s hard to imagine, you would hear anywhere phrase «Chernobyl tour». Now on the popularity of that kind of tour is spinning up. For the last year a numerous of tourist from different parts of the world had visited the exclusion zone of Chernobyl nuclear power plant

During the tour you will have a unique opportunity to see and experience the atmosphere of Soviet time - everywhere here is the ambience of that time. Those wishing to can take a picture of the emblem of Soviet Union. The park of attraction looks really gloomily, it was planned to open on the Labor`s Day celebration 1-st of May , but it never happened. Entering to Pripet - city, that become the basic zone of contamination, all tourist are going thru the required dosimetric radiation control.

Beginning of the Chernobyl tour

Chernobyl tour starts with the transfer from Kiev to the Exclusion Zone, of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. On the check point is obligatory verification of documents and luggage. Accompanying officer will give a short course of acquaint with the basic rules of conduct in that area. The first stop at the fire man memorial «People that saved the world». Before lunch the group is staying in the office of state agency “Chernobyl Inerinform”. Here you will get a complete information about the works of liquidation of the consequences, you will have opportunity to ask a questions about the situation in the exclusion zone.

Chernobyl tour: lunch, then go on!

After a good meal the tourists are going to the 10 km thru the check point «Leliv». To your sight will revealed earthen billows, that you will see along the road, - these are the burial place for nuclear wastes and a whole villages… Attention! Next stop is the main object of whole tour, yes! The one and only, the 4-th reactor of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. All are interested can take a it`s picture. Next point is pavilion press-services of the “Cover” object and watching the record film about the liquidation of the consequences. The most interesting information “from the first hands”, amazing models of the nuclear station.

Pripet – the final point of Chernobyl tour

Chernobyl tour is coming to it`s final sage: ghost-city Pripet accepts the tourists! Now you see the houses and whole blocks abandoned in 1986. Even so, all houses is uninhabited for a long period, everything inside is still on it`s places: children toys, furniture, books… Amazing, beckoning and mysterious city, with the population over 50 000 people became empty just in a day. On the way back - again obligatory radiation control.

Returning to Kiev is planned on 6-00 p.m.

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