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Excursion in Kiev

Excursion in Kiev

Excursion in Kiev «royal», as usual, begins from the dwelt into ancient history thru the tails of Nestor the chronicler in «Story of the ancient times». Legend tells about foundation the capital city by the king Kiy, his two brothers (Schek, Horiv) and their sister (Lybid), about the construction the first walls of the city in fifth century... Ancient Kyiv under the able rule of kings gradually became one of the greatest east-Slavic political associations. But in 822 king Oleg from Novgorod a cunning captured Smolensk, Lubechem and inherited fortresses of Askold and his brother Dyr...

Excursion in Kiev, where to start from?

Excursion in Kiev it worth to start from the round palace «The grave of Askold», the symbol of unification the South and the North Rus. Exactly there, as a chronicle says, Oleg said a historical phrase: «From now Kiev will be a mother of the Russian cities!»

Every guide certainly will convey you on glorious Podol, the wide range of the right bank of Dnieper, where at the bloom of rule of Vladimir the Boptist handicraft houses took place, carrying on a smart traffic on the way «from Scandinavia to Greece». The bloom of culture and religion strikes at his rule, and a « lithoidal proof» even till today is a foundation of Desyatinnaya church on St. Andrew decent. Podol — is a special place, it`s also called a “Soul” of Kiev.

Excursion by “Soviet” Kiev

During long centuries enemies trenched upon the lands of Kyiv, but thru the years the descendants of the Kyiv kings mercilessly fought for the city. So, in 1782 Katherine II gave to the citizens of Kiev an emblem with the Archangel Michael the protector of the City. Since Michael stands on the guard of the Ukrainian capital, being the celestial patron of city.

Many times the emblem of the city will go thru the changes, trampled by the comunists in the days of "red terror"... This period left an indelible "mark" in architectural heritage of Kyiv. Tens of sacred objects, such as Michal Cathedral the Ferrous church on Galitska Street, like a blink of an eye were erased from the face of Kyiv for sake of the communist party.

Excursion Kiev — Bulgakov walked those streets

Excursion Kiev, on the other hand, certainly touches the achievements in developing of culture and architecture XIX and XX centuries. For example, it`s interesting to know, that the projects for erection of giants of soviet grandeur were conducted all-union competitions. In Kiev gathered the best engineer and scientific “brains” and the most prestige educational establishments were erected, witch gave to the world such famous people as Otto Schmitt and Mikhail Bulgakov.

You can spend many years in description of this city, but it is better to arrive to Kyiv and see everything personally.

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