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Travel to Kiev

Travel to Kiev

Travel to Kiev will become an unforgettable trip for everyone, who will order the tour in our company! The capital of the ancient Russia is also called the cradle of Russian land! Kiev is attracting the tourists, with the beautiful architecture, majestic river Dniepr and lots of the Orthodox and historic places.

According to the legend, Kiev, was founded in the end of the fifths – beginning of the sixth centuries by the brothers - Kiy, Horiv, Scheck – and their beautiful sister Lybed. On the river side they found a village, and call it with the name of the older brother Kiev.

Travel to Kiev from «Steppe by step»

Travel to Kiev, that company «Steppe by step» proposing, will satisfy even the most refined tourist. During the excursion «Ancient Kiev – heart of Russia», which is timing two hours, skillful guide will tell you about the formation of the Kiev kingdom, and it`s in the world`s history, about great kings Vladimir and Yaroslav “the Wise”, in which time of ruling, Kiev reached its top point of prosperity.

Sightseeing travel to Kiev

The travel to Kiev will tell to the tourists of the capital of the Ukraine not only the ancient history, beginning from the moment of the baptism of all Russia by the king Vladimir, creation the Sophia cathedral by the Yaroslav “the Wise” and appearance the Kiev Pechersk Lavra, but also many others, a bit modern stories. Tourists will see the places, related to the famous names such as, Pieter Mohila, Bogdan Khmelnitsky, Taras Shevchenko, Lisya Ukrainka, Oles Gonchar.

Also the guides will tell you about the sad moments of the history of Kiev: how this city was robed first by the Mongols then by the German fascists, and thousand citizens of Kiev became a slaves and prisoners. But Kiev, like legendary Phoenix, was rising up from the ashes, and it’s also became even more beautiful.

Travel to Kiev will give you impressions for the rest of your life

City will attract you with harmonic joining the ancient and the modern history, neighborhood of the noisy highways with the quiet streets and parks.

The famous chestnuts, the symbol of Kiev gives a unique charm to the dynamic mega polis. Kiev is beautiful any time of the year: in spring, when the air is filled with the fragrances of the glooming trees and flowers; summer, when the city is drawn in the green colors of the parks; fall, golden of the leafs; and in winter, decorated with the pure white snow.

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