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Mezhigorye tour, Mezhigorye excursion

1 day

Invite you to take a unique tour to the "Mezhigorye".

«"Mezhigorie" - the former residence of Viktor Yanukovych, a position he held from 2002 to 2014. Huge park area of 140 hectares.

Tour to "Mezhigorie" will allow you to experience unforgettable and conflicting feelings. On one hand, it is beautiful and very well maintained park, on the other hand is a collection of expensive works of art and architecture, without any meaning and logic, which is privately owned by one family and kept at taxpayers.

Tour to "Mezhigorie", allow you to see a personal zoo of former Ukrainian president, personal ostriches, peacocks, deer, etc.

Flocks of cows and goats, which supplied the dictator and his residence fresh milk and meat, chickens and pheasants collection, allowed the president to have a delicious and fresh breakfast. All this you will see during the tour to "Mezhigorye".

Huge Spa Complex surrounded by a beautiful pond with a waterfall where trout swim and where even the ducks have their homes.

Journalists and politicians called "Mezhigorie" symbol of corruption and presidential museum scale corruption. See for yourself! Enjoy the excursion to Mezhigorye

TypeNumber of visitors price
group29-45 people 250 USD
group17-28 people 200 USD
6-16 people 160 USD
3-5 people 120 USD
1-2 people 100 USD

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