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Trip to Chernobyl

Trip to Chernobyl

Trip to Chernobyl – is contiguity with history of major disaster. Once blooming and developing city, now is a tumbledown object that attracts attention public from all over the world.

Trip to Chernobyl is a unique opportunity

To see Chernobyl with your own eyes, to be able to see the exclusion zone and to find all the truth about the events that took place, twenty years ago, today everyone can do this. Now Chernobyl is an unique historic monument. Thru all the time of existing in the exclusion zone appeared many natural ecosystems and landscapes, that wasn`t affected by the man for 25 years. Amount them is the most famous “Red forest” with it`s bright yellow-brown pines.

Besides, in Chernobyl zone gathered over 800 military vehicles of that time. All vehicles, including helicopters, were used for liquidation the consequences of the explosion the Chernobyl Power Plant. Here you can see the forth «covered» reactor.

Survivor structures of Chernobyl actually are memorial monuments, because from the time of evacuation nothing had changed. n city modern memorial complexes are erected in memory oh the lost liquidators and injured fireman.

Trip to Chernobyl also includes the visitation of the Pripet a legendary ”ghost-city”.

Safety of the trip to Chernobyl

Trips to Chernobyl are officially allowed and made on the special admissions. A visitation of the exclusion zone today is safe on condition of fulfilling of radiation safety rules. The level of radiation in Chernobyl and areas around is within the limits of possible norms.

Specialists are constantly conduct dosimetric control and analysis of radioactive situation in the exclusion zone. For all arriving on territory of the exclusion zone the detailed instructing is conducted about the rules of behavior in radiation zones and application of facilities of individual defense.

Memory of the trip to Chernobyl

Trips to Chernobyl allow not only personally to estimate the scales of explosion of atomic reactor but also forever to imprint the picture of huge destructions and metamorphoses in memory. In memory of the April event 1986 year there are snapshots of unique places, building, monuments, and also reliable records about history and details of explosion on the Chernobyl Power Plant

Every visitor of the Chernobyl zone can personally associate with natives -«self-settles», which refuse to leave the polluted territory and continue to live in the exclusion zone till today.

The world must not forget about sad experience the uses of atomic energy for the good of mankind!

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