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Interesting facts about Ukraine

Chernobyl tour

Chernobyl tour – enthralling one day tour, multitudes of people is willing to go there. If you look back in the history, it`s hard to imagine, you would hear anywhere phrase «Chernobyl tour». Now on the popularity of that kind of tour is spinning up. For the last year a numerous of tourist from different parts of the had visited the exclusion zone of Chernobyl nuclear power plant

Trip to Chernobyl

Trip to Chernobyl – is contiguity with history of major disaster. Once blooming and developing city, now is a tumbledown object that attracts attention public from all over the world.

Excursion to Chernobyl

«Excursion to Chernobyl» - those highlights is what you can find all over internet in recent times. So what is so attractive in that exclusion zone? Starting from early 90-th годов and till today, collected a large amount of the information, a thousand pictures were taken and numbers of movies were made. But nothing can tell you more colorful about that place then the excursion to the abounded city Pripet.

Tour around Kiev

Tour to Kiev will give you an opportunity to dip in history and to feel, how majestic and many-sided is the capital of Ukraine. Popularity of foreign resorts grows, but what we know about our native land?

Excursion in Kiev

Excursion in Kiev «royal», as usual, begins from the dwelt into ancient history thru the tails of Nestor the chronicler in «Story of the ancient times». Legend tells about foundation the capital city by the king Kiy, his two brothers (Schek, Horiv) and their sister (Lybid), about the construction the first walls of the city in fifth century... Ancient Kyiv under the able rule of kings gradually became one of the greatest east-Slavic political associations. But in 822 king Oleg from Novgorod a cunning captured Smolensk, Lubechem and inherited fortresses of Askold and his brother Dyr...

Travel to Kiev

Travel to Kiev will become an unforgettable trip for everyone, who will order the tour in our company! The capital of the ancient Russia is also called the cradle of Russian land! Kiev is attracting the tourists, with the beautiful architecture, majestic river Dniepr and lots of the Orthodox and historic places.

Translation in Kiev

Translation in Kiev – one of the services, given by “Steppe by step”. Accompaniment of the negotiations, business-meetings, delegations, organization of the excursions and tours for the foreign tourists – these all in our jurisdiction.

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