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Ancient Kiev – the heart of ancient Russia

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«Where is Russian land started?..» This question was asked not only by Nestor Letopisets, but also many scientist .

According to the legend, in the end of 5-th – beginning of the 6-th century. Three brother Kiy, Sheck, Khoriv and their sister Libid, found the city on the river side of Dnepr and called it by the name of the older brother Kiev.

The area of the Kiy`s city was only 2 hectares. On the north it was protected by the. On the south by the walls 4 meters high. One more barrier for the enemy was the swam of the river where, by the legend, lived Libyd.

Controlling the trading way, down the Dnepr, Kiev become a center of the Polyans kingdom, that united the ancient Slavic people.

King Vladimir increased the area of the old city in 5 times. With the coming of Christianity the city is becoming more beautiful. Desyatinnaya church – the first stone temple of Russia was build at that period; also the palace of the king for reception of the ambassadors; dinning hall for the feasts; and many churches, wich you can see even now.

King Yaroslav the Wise had build the most popular place of Kiev St. Sophia temple, which become the center of cultural and spiritual life, even till now. It has a first library which destiny is one of the biggest mysteries. This cathedral is active now and it’s in the list of historical heritages of UNESKO.

City, which area was increase up to 80 hectares, was surrounded by the system of the armed walls 12 meters height. It has 3 entrances: one is Jewish gates, other is the Swan gates, and also main Golden gates, that has church at the top. Its golden domes were seen at the distance of 35 miles, that any one can see the greatness and the richness of city Kiev.

Even thou, thru the history it had a bad and a good times, it save the beauty of architecture of the periods of the kings Vladimir and Yaroslav the Wise.

Touch the history of the great city… Come closer to its beginning… Find it in the multitude of the cities… people said for a reason: «Your tongue will lead you to Kiev»!

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