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Kiev. Overview tour, Kiev excursion

3 hours

Mighty and gorgeous Kiev, it’s sited on the Dnepr hills, surrounded by the multitude of parks. Dnepr is a friend of Kiev from the ancient times. The history of Kiev started 1500 years ago.

Kiev remembers how prince Vladimyr baptized his people, how Yaroslav was building his St. Sophia cathedral, how Kiev-Pechersk Lavra started.

It inspired the great authors to write a great poems. Its theaters remember the most wonderful actors.

But not always the history of Kiev had good and peaceful times. Kiev resisted to the fascists for a long time period. A huge price of human life was paid for protection and deliverance Kiev. After the World War Two Kiev spending a peaceful life. And now it’s still developing and remaining as a capital of independent country.

Visit our excursion and you will see that Kiev is the city of contrasts, where the antiquity is densely connected to modernity, where in the center you will see the green oasis of the parks, where the highways is neighbors to the quiet streets.

Kiev is a great city indeed!

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