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Lavra – the first monastery of Eastern Europe

4 hours

Meet the ancient holy place, center of orthodox world – Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. Visit the place where one the first monasteries has started. It was founded by two monks Antony and Feodosy.

On the hills that was given by the prince Svyatoslav after a wile a beautiful temples and towers appeared.

The author of the oldest historical letters Nestor lived here. (ab. 1113A.D.).

Here was a first school and typography.

You will see the unique caves made by the monks, underground churches and mummified bodies of the saints.

The central temple is Uspensky Cathedral.

The bell tower in Lavra is very special. It`s one of the highest buildings in Kiev, and it’s 300 years old

But not only the churches are the feature of Lavra, there are three very unique museums there: first is museum of Micro Miniatures, second is the museum of Historical Jewellery and the last , but not list is museum of typography and book history.

Today Lavra attracting people from all over the world, visit it and you will see what is the real history is.

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